History EMCIA

The EMCIA was formed on 20th March 2002 for the benefit of companies involved in Supplying, Designing, Testing and Manufacturing EMC products. Networking lunches are held 3 times a year. The current President is Alan Warner.

The EMCIA is led by an Executive team appointed from its members. Decisions that do not affect the constitution are made at this level, thereby ensuring actions can be introduced in an efficient manner.

The next meeting will be our AGM in May 2017 (Date TBA) at the EEF in London If you are considering joining, you are welcome to attend a meeting as a guest. Just contact the Secretariat.

Current Members
A complete list of the current membership of EMCIA.

The EMCIA Secretariat is Alan E Hutley, Founder of The EMC Journal, EMCUK, EMCIA, EMCUK Academy and various Directories. Email: alan[dot]hutley[at]emcia[dot] org

Executive Committee
Members of the Executive Committee click here.

Following on from the inaugural meeting on 20 March 2002, a document was produced to give an overview of the Objectives and Benefits of becoming a member of the association. The details of this document are given here.

Looking for our Membership form? Download it here in PDF or Word format.