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Interference in real life

Blue lineEnd of Section/Next sectionThere are many examples of EMC problems from all sorts of sources. This section illustrates some of those which arise because of radio incompatibility, either from the point of view of unwanted emissions or lack of immunity.Click here to hear some interference We haven't included more than a passing reference to non-radio EMC: for instance, surge or electrostatic discharge immunity, or power frequency (50Hz) emissions. Not that these aren't important, but this site concentrates on radio EMC issues.

There are 13 groups in this section, divided into industry sectors. Each group has a few EMC examples. Each example follows the same format: a description of the problem event or issue, followed by our commentary on it, and a list of references for the example including links to associated documents. The links may be to other RA documents or to external sources: of course, we have no control over the quality or the permanence of these sources. Finally, since reduction of EMC problems is the desired end result, there are links to other pages on this site which describe some generic mitigation techniques.