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This page contains links to free Information supplied by EMCIA members.. All files are in Acrobat PDF format. The free Acrobat Reader software can be downloaded from Adobe. Some files are quite large and may take a few moments to download. In addition to the files below, more information is avaialbe by clicking EMC & Compliance Information Center.


BREXIT and how it affects EMC Standards. Information together with some ineresting Links.

Supplied by John M Woodgate.  Click   If you wish to contact John see details on home page.




AEF Solutions

AEF Solutions provide expert Design and UK Manufacture of Interconnection Solutions including Filtered and Transient Protection connectors, devices and associated EMC accessories, such as connector/cable Backshell Adaptors, Protective connector caps and Conductive/Environmental sealing gaskets.”  Click Here

“AEF Solutions release Cable Backshell Adaptors in New Hybrid finish to provide low contact resistance (Screen to Connector) Environmental sealing and 500 Hour Salt Spray compliance.” Click Here


NTD Shielding

NTD RF Rooms/EMC chambers product leaflet.Click Here

NTD RF Rooms/EMC chambers Maintenance & Service. Click Here


Cherry Clough Consultants.

A substantial number of excellant very informative artilces. Click here.

Compendium of Banana Skins - Banana Skin items briefly describe reports of electrical/electromagnetic interference.  Some are personal anecdotes, some come from research, and some are extracted from offocial documents and reports.  Some of these interference incidents had harmless or even amusing results, some lost companies significant amounts of time and/or money, even to the point of bankruptcy, and some resulted (or could have resulted) in injury or death.


Automatic calibration of EMC test sites for radiated emissions measurements. Click here.

Why not use near field probes to measure my emissions? Click here.

Why are my detectors so slow? Click here.

EMC testing for Luminaires Why? Click here.

Emission Reference Sources. Click here.

Ambient cancellation… reality or fiction? Click here.