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British Standards Institution

As an accredited Trade Association, we are members of BSI and have representatives sitting on relevant committees.

Currently we are members of three BSI Committees, GEL 210 EMC Policy & Strategy, GEL 210-11 EMC Standards & GEL-106 Human exposure to low & high frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Alan Warner attends GEL 210 meetings, Martin Wiles attends GEL 210-11 meetings, although these are occasionally combined on the same day & David Riley IndexSAR attends the GEL-106 meetings.

EMCIA members get regular updates on the standards progress, copies of documents of interest and specific documents are sent to various members who have requested an interest in a specific subject. We also get the opportunity to comment on standards at the specific stages.

Member John M Woodgate also contributes Standards updates and comments on a regular basis and is a member of all three of the above committees. He will try to answer any questions about British (including ENs), CENELEC and IEC (including CISPR) standards free of charge, if contacted via EMCIA. Contact JMW via the secretariat.