The EMC Perpetual* Product Finder

The EMC Perpetual Product Finder speeds up searching and leads quickly to the definitive information from each subscribed company web site. But it is a lot more than a search facility, it is a true Networking portal developed by the EMCIA to serve the EMC industry.  Sunscription is FREE. . You must be fully involved in EMC.  We reserve the right to dele.te any organisation.

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Unlike old fashioned printed annual Directories it is always up to date*

Works on all formats – Mobile / Tablet / Laptop / Desktop.

As a subscriber you can add your own news and information free of charge. Here is what you get… all entered by you and under your control via Password:

Company Name,
Logo in colour,
Address and Contact Details,
Unlimited Categories from the Product List,
75 words about your organization.
Free submission to the New and Announcements section (This can include Product Releases, Product Literature, Technical Articles, News Flashes, etc.)

Information must comply with contribution procedures.

Pictures can also be included.

* Assumes subscribers keep information up to date.