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By J M Woodgate

CAUTION: Standards and Regulations are being changed all the time, so some information is bound to be out-of-date. This applies even to articles with the current year's date. Up-to-date information can often be found on the public parts of the IEC and CENELEC web sites. Navigating these sites involves a learning curve

New Series

April 2020Problems with Flicker
November 2019Measurement distance and separation distance
October 2019Extinction of the Lambdasaurus vex
September 2019Mythical 'problem' with IEC 61000-3-2
April 2019All quiet on the EMC front (and other topics)
March 2019Miscellany
February 2019EMC is impossible
January 2019Boxes
December 2018EMC standards and the law
December 2018EMC standards and Brexit
November 2018CISPR annual meetings
October 2018Low-frequency conducted emissions
September 2018Departure of some old 'favourites'
August 2018CISPR activity
July 2018Mains harmonics in supply systems other than 230/400 V 50 Hz
June 2018Dated and undated references
May 2018Delays in publishing EN standards and listing them in the Official Journal
April 2018What happened so far in 2018?
March 2018Important new development in Generic EMC standards
February 2018CISPR Product Standards and changes to CISPR 16
January 2018Standards development process
December 2017Generic standards 61000-6
November 2017Updates to -2,-3 and -4 and 61000-5 series
October 201761000-3 series
September 2017Standards previews and 61000-1, -2 series
August 201761000-4 final
July 201761000-4 further continued
June 201761000-4 continued
May 201761000-4 series
April 2017CISPR 16
March 2017Table of types of standard
February 2017Recap: types of standard
January 2017More Standards-making Bodies
December 2016Where do standards come from?

Original Series

December 2018EMC standards and Brexit
March 2015Before CISPR Stresa
March 2015Before CISPR Stresa
December 2014Deluge after Frankfurt
September 2014Before CISPR Frankfurt plus various updates
July 2014CISPR meetings
July 2014Before CISPR Frankfurt
May 2014New Legislative Framework
March 2014Busy bees
January 2014CISPR Tracking sheet Clause 6
November 2013After Ottawa
September 2013Before Ottawa
July 2013Changes to CISPR 16
May 2013Generic standards 61000-6
March 201361000-5 series
January 201361000-3 series
November 2012Standards previews and 61000-1, -2 series
September 201261000-4 final
July 201261000-4 further continued
May 201261000-4 continued
March 201261000-4 series
January 2012CE and New Legislative Framework
November 2011CISPR 16
September 2011Table of types of standard
July 2011Recap: types of standard
May 2011More Standards-making Bodies