Overview, Objectives and Benefits

At a meeting of 23 EMC companies at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel, Baker Street, London, on 20th March 2002, it was unanimously agreed to form an EMC Association.

The following points were discussed at that meeting and many of them have bee embodied in the EMCIA Constitution.

  1. Should be run by the EMC Community, for the EMC Community. To create channels for information dissemination and networking. Promote and develop activities that will assist members in increasing sales of their products and services.
  2. Encourage growth in all countries around the world.
  3. Enable all members to become simultaneously aware of changes or proposals etc to the EMC Directive and other associated documents. Including EU consultations, enforcement and Trading Standards.
  4. Establish and maintain links to relevant regulatory bodies and Government departments. Formulate a consensus of opinions for transmission to those relevant departments and aforementioned bodies in order to ensure acceptable regulation.
  5. Keep up to date with latest Standards.
  6. Liaise with other like-minded organisations in Europe, North America, Asia and the Far East, in order to assist in achieving the objective outlined in Item 1.
  7. All Committee members will be appointed by democratic voting.
  8. Organize and run seminars and workshops for promotion of member companies.
  9. Bulletin Board for efficient dissemination of information and interactive feedback, plus email update.
  10. A flat fee system thereby ensuring companies large and small have equal voting rights was agreed. The current fee is set at £650.00 per annum. Invoiced in 1st April each year.
  11. It is extremely important that companies have quality representatives (decision makers), in order to ensure the credibility of the association.
  12. Meetings – Frequency and Venues – to be decided by members.
  13. Liaise with other relevant associations throughout all the major trading countries.
  14. EMCIA web site domain name has been registered. This will include and promote activities of members and provide links to all relevant information.
  15. EMCIA representation at relevant exhibitions or conferences.

The association should be open to all companies and organisations, which have a vested interest in EMC and associated European directives.